How Can I Contact Corner 3 Tees?

Email info@corner3tees.com for design ideas, shipping issues, advertising inquiries and more.

Where Can I Find Sizing & Material Information?

All product specifications can be found here.

When Can I Expect My Order To Be Shipped?

Fulfillment: We do not keep any inventory – our orders are printed as they are ordered. This is what allows us to offer so many different designs and colors to you. Standard fulfillment time is 2-7 business days. Once your order has been fulfilled you will receive notification with shipping information if applicable. Depending on the circumstances and inventory levels, it may take longer than usual.

Shipping: You have several shipping options to choose from – they can range within 1-8 business days (1-20 for international orders) depending on the courier and level of service you select.

97.66% of our orders are shipped within 5 business days. More than a half of our orders are shipped within 3 business days or less.

What If My Order Is Lost In The Mail?

If your package is lost in transit, no worries! Email info@corner3tees.com and we will re-print it and re-send it at no cost to you.

What If My Package Is Damaged When I Receive It?

Please email photo verification to info@corner3tees.com and we will gladly send a replacement on us.

Can I Submit My Own Designs To Be Printed?

Since we are not a screen printing company, we do not accept a la carte design projects. However, if you are a designer and would like your work featured on the site, please contact info@corner3tees.com for information on our revenue-sharing process.

What Is Your Return Policy?

If the shirt you received doesn’t fit, please email us at info@corner3tees.com within 10 days of receiving, to work out the specifics.  Ultimately, you’ll send us your non-fitting shirt.  Once we receive it, we will ship you another at the size you request.

Typically, for issues other than size and product damage upon arrival, we don’t do returns.

Other issues will be resolved on a case-by-case basis.  Email us at info@corner3tees.com for questions.